Autumn 2017

I like to look back at the end of a season and think about the most memorable concert. As usual there are the odd incidents one remembers – unusual page turners, particularly responsive audiences, travel disruptions… the list could go on. What stands in my mind though are the recitals given in churches, particularly those on a grand scale, with awe inspiring architecture and a beautiful atmosphere. Chichester Cathedral is a stunning building and our return visit there was definitely a highlight. To perform great music in this venue is certainly a privilege and, considering its centuries old traditions, rather humbling.

It is the time of year when rehearsing for the new season begins, and often new repertoire is to be learned, or old repertoire revisited. It is also time for a mailshot. Maybe most groups do not bother with this antiquated method of publicity, but personally I like to feel a brochure in my hand. What is disturbing is the number of music societies which have folded. If only we could encourage more people to experience live music. When they do they are blown away by it, as we all are. Any blemishes are made up for by the excitement of the concert platform and the communication that is possible between performers and audience. I also run a festival so I know the challenges of producing an audience to make a full house. Pessimism does not help though, and it may be that chamber concerts will evolve into a different setting. Informality is good and accepted everywhere now, and it really can be an all inclusive art form.

There is exciting news from the Piano Trio Society of an intercollegiate piano trio completion is 2018, for both juniors and seniors. More details to follow.

In the meantime, happy music making and listening. We are certainly looking forward to a busy season.