News – November 2016

Over the next few months the English Piano Trio will be concentrating on the Russian masters. We continue to perform single composer recitals at The Lantern in Colston Hall, Bristol, and these evenings are presented with well known music journalist Stephen Johnson. Stephen has worked extensively with the BBC and is a familiar voice on Radio 3.  The Russian composers in this next season at Colston Hall are Tchaikovsky, Rimsky Korsakov, Shostakovich and Rachmaninov.  At concerts around the UK these works will be juxtaposed with masterpieces from the Viennese era.  It is challenging to perform the big romantic pieces, and yet wonderful to put them alongside the earlier Viennese composers.

We are often asked what we all do when we are not playing trios! I expect most musicians have a varied life. Currently the trio’s pianist, Tim Ravenscroft is enveloped by Beethoven as he presents the full cycle of Beethoven piano sonatas over a two year period in Guildford at the new concert hall – ‘G live’. This is of course a huge project but incredibly rewarding. Cellist Pal Banda, amongst many things, is also involved with a project, and his is Bach. He will be recording the solo Bach Suites next year, and in preparation for this he is giving solo Bach recitals at churches around the country. I, the violinist, am in the middle of a string trio and piano quartet month, as well as some piano and violin duo recitals. I find it extraordinary how the piano trio and string trio ensemble differs. It is just a different world, and I love them both. Our five recitals range from arts centres and churches through to the wonderful Chapel in Park Lane, Norwich. This latter venue is well known to musicians internationally – it has a wonderful atmosphere and the names of individuals and groups who have performed there are legendary.

The autumn months are always busy but very rewarding for both performers and audiences. Let’s enjoy them!